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Why Can't White People Be Proud to Be White if Blacks Can Be Proud to Be Black?

I recently received an IM with a question why white people are considered racist if they are proud of their race, and Blacks aren't.

Despite the obvious reasons that are clouded by the cognizant dissonance of white people as to the reality of white supremacy and everything it has done to humanity, I threw in a few long winded thoughts (cause I don't care if a whole paragraph = 1 sentence sometimes):

There is nothing inherently wrong with being proud of your own race,

B U T ...

  1. Blacks have not built an entire culture based on their supremacy to whites;

  2. Blacks do not control and deny white existence in this country;

3. Whites did not and do not get hung or killed by police for being "uppity," or for simply being white;

4. Generations of negative, bigoted behavior by whites against Blacks and indoctrination as to what is considered normal, i.e., skin, culture, etc., and the contrast by whites of bad, and criminal behavior of Blacks -- contrary to real statistics and reality itself -- worked and works consistently to lower the esteem of Black people, by design;

5. There was and is never a question of white superiority by white people. There isn't a question of how they think of themselves, which is evident in their "exceptionalism." Whites own that distinction however feigned;

6. No one is systematically placing whites in a perpetual position of denial of opportunity, or an apportionment at best, certainly because Blacks are not in control of white life;

7. Black people never decided that Black people were inferior, but white people did, and do.

Therefore, Black people who dare to dispute that which whites have used to sustain their existence to the detriment of Blacks are indeed heroes for it. Many have been murdered for daring to be proud of themselves and expressing it in the not too distant past.

Besides, this question is better answered by the white people with the real power who rendered the very white people they lied to invisible when Nixon designed "colorblindness" and ushered in the post racial era in this country.

Ask them why they designed this thing called race, created a harmful, inhumane system to support it, then created an atmosphere where white people could be individually indicted for the behavior that their system spawned.

Ask them why they made white people close their eyes and pretend that their own whiteness didn't exist, convincing them that white was just the normal "state of being."

Ask them why now they won't own the apparent, irreparable damage they caused to white people who look like them by making them believe they were superior based on skin color, while the reality has served to sever the umbilical cord of their humanity with the rest of us, and made them feel so disgusted as to even ponder the question of why they feel racist for simply acknowledging the race they were given by the people in power who share their color, but took away their right to embrace it.

Not actually our question or problem to solve. But perhaps this will help.

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Annabeth Balance
Annabeth Balance
Mar 08, 2020

Well, I'm interested to see your work on this topic, Cynthia! I had made a note of the question, back when you first posted it, and I set it aside til I might have a minute to write a few lines. So I did that this night, and then came to look for your initial post of the question, and I find this your own discussion! I have not yet read yours -- I wanted to put mine up here before I do that, because if I read yours I will be so blown away that I won't put mine up here. So here is mine:

Why Can't White People Be Proud to Be White if Blacks Can Be Prou…

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