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The Flip Side of White Supremacy: Fooled by Skin

Those of us astute in the workings of white supremacy and the power elite are aware that their tool kit consists of one basic instrument: color. This is not to say that color is the only tool, just that it is an integral part, much like music is to sound. However, what many white people may not understand is that they are being exploited and subjugated using the very tool used to subjugate Black people, and as long as they can, this white supremacist power elite will exploit the very people with whom they claim to identify on the basis of skin color. What do I mean? Well, most Black people know our oppression with all our senses and through all institutional structures built in the U.S., including the economy. Most Black people understand they are being exploited and oppressed based on color. It would appear white people do not realize they are as well. Many white people don't even realize they are being oppressed, having for generations accepted their economic caste system of class apportionment. While more and more sense "something is not right anymore," they can't or won't admit they are being exploited on the very same basis of their skin color as well. Why? Because they identify with and share the same color as their oppressors, and because they do, they don't realize that color, in fact, IS what is being used against them as well.

The power elite know they have absolutely nothing in common with the “commoners.” Contrary to the popular contention of white people all over the world that white skin means equality with the power elite of the world, nothing could be farther from the truth. Why else would there be economic structures in place all over the world for the masses of “white” people; castes and classes designed to control wealth, status, equality and equity, to maintain control of them all? Why else would these structures enable the power elite to glean resources and wealth from the masses at will, without any real ability for the masses to do anything to stop them? Why would they be able to dictate a “minimum wage and force both white and Black people to work for pennies on the dollar in the same country where they claim white people hold dominion? First, a little historical context is necessary. During the post racial colorblind era, the power elite made mistakes. Yes. They made a number of mistakes. They made a mistake in their calculations regarding how they would reinvent and recalibrate expressions of racism during and after the Civil Rights movement. They chose “segregation" as the agitator. They made segregation that which constituted and construed institutional racism, and that discrimination based on separation was the only thing standing in the way of full equality for Black people.

They chose the white economic class structure into which “integration” of Black people would occur, which means they began to pull Black people into the white “middle class” instead of elevating Black people within their own, separate racist structure of economics. They allowed for certain reparative measures, such as Affirmative Action and created a truly equal educated “class” of Black Americans apart from those who were born into generations of the few Black teacher and pastor families afforded the HBCU experience at that time. They also made a mistake in creating what would be called the “Post Racial Colorblind era.” The white power elite virtually erased “whiteness” as it had existed prior to 1960. It was replaced with terms like normal, nude, neutral, and natural. Having done this, the white supremacist power elite essentially watered down the glue that had previously bound them to the masses of white people, by opening up the "mainstream." Finally, the white supremacist power elite made the mistake of conditioning the masses into believing that institutional racism had ended, and only individual, behavioral expressions of race constituted racism. These could have been fatal mistakes, and it is no secret that they have been trying to rectify these mistakes ever since, including but not limiting to destroying the only effective reparative measure for employment and education, Affirmative Action, by diminishing its importance, creating a false impression of inferiority among its participants and the criteria for selecting participants, and other nefarious means such as “reverse” discrimination against white people.

Having only an economic lens from which to view their individual circumstances, many of these "normal, neutral and natural people no longer viewed the power elite in terms of "shared color." Why? Because the color white was gone. So far as many were concerned, racism had ended with segregation and the excuses of exceptionalism were proving ineffective as an illusion of superiority. Illusions of superiority were also disappearing with every accomplishment of Black people despite the attempts at relentless character assassination, imposed drug addiction and imprisonment through the wars on crime and drugs. The mistakes the white supremacist power elite made during the last thirty years of the twentieth century had the eventual potential to open more and more opportunities for Black people, and to blur the economic divide between Black and white, which for the power elite, would end the now fragile perception of supremacy, since of course, the white masses only saw, as they do today, through the economic lens of their lives in the U.S. Unity based on shared economic status among whites and Blacks was and continues to be an ever present fear of the white power elite.

Therefore, seeing the real fragility and potential eventuality for the ideology of white supremacy itself to fail, exemplified by the election of Barack Obama as the first Black president, the white supremacist elite galvanized their political forces to reduce or eliminate any opposition to the overt use of their most essential tool, and inserted their standard bearer, Donald J. Trump into the presidency to usher in a new era of white, whiteness and “superiority.” Indeed, this is one more created paradox in the myriad of paradoxes that are inherent in the ideology of white supremacy for sure, since Trump epitomizes the most vile and debasing aspects of humanity, and yet, is supposed to represent the “quality” of white people over all others. Using the color tool once again, the power elite will continue to blind the millions of people with whom they share skin color, using it to continue to subjugate them, control their ability to attain any economic wealth beyond what they choose to “give them,” and make them fight for a living, “minimum” wage. And the millions of white people with nothing else in common but skin color will continue to be fooled by skin.


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