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The 3Cs of Navigation through Racism: Civil War, Race War and the Media

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​ It would appear that the desire at this time by the media is to compare uprisings of Black people during the 60s and 70s with any future or impending violence in the nation, as a result of the racist rhetoric of Trump. A few have even discussed the real possibility of a "civil war."

This is misleading at best and potentially disastrous for Black people at worst, since the depiction they offer connotes violence at the hands of Blacks toward whites. This was not true then and is a disgrace to use as an example now. It is simply not an accurate portrayal of history which has, at its heart, continued aggression of all forms against Blacks by whites.

Let us first understand that the first Civil War was about white people fighting white people over the right to own Black people. It was not a war of Black people fighting against white people. In short, white people were fighting themselves over who would or wouldn't keep Black people enslaved for the nation's economy or profit.

The result of that war created the most vile and disgusting, egregious systems and behavior by white people toward Black people ever since, in ideological, behavioral, and structural, institutional forms.

However, ever since then, bleached recollection and popular belief has described and defined any future "Civil War" as specifically a "war of the races." This is a direct result of deliberate misrepresentation of the facts of the war and textbook revictimization of the Enslaved, forming a part of the rationale for continued hatred.

It is important to realize that the message the media is trying to instill when discussing "violence" and "riots" of the 60s and 70s is a false representation designed to connote Black violence against white people, instead of murders of Black leaders, the continued terror and brutality caused by police in Black neighborhoods, extreme hopelessness and anger at that time. In simultaneously calling out the President's rhetoric and recalling the period of the Civil Rights movement, the media is, in effect, stoking one of the most common fears among many white people, that of "retribution" by Black people, no matter how untrue it is today, or has ever been throughout history.

They are using these historical references to give a bleached and false impression of the victimization of white people by Black people, when the damage from these uprisings, however tragic and destructive, were limited to their own Black communities.

Trump's racist behavior stokes the fire and animus among white racist bigots and incites anger among themselves and violence TOWARD Black people, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. Research Woodrow Wilson, his racist presidency and the African American Nadir. This president is more closely matched with Woodrow Wilson than most any other president.

In fact, unbleached history is the best teacher in this regard. Frankly, the more accurate historical reference of the African American Nadir would depict the actual consequences of racist rhetoric and exactly WHO is more victimized a result.

Therefore, the following needs to be understood:

  • ALL of the vitriol, bigotry, and racist rhetoric directed at Black people and others have ALWAYS worked to create violence AGAINST Black and other non-white people BY white people.

  • History shows that violence has been primarily white against Black in the form of groups, mobs and "riots" of white people violating Black communities from the end of the Enslavement to the present time.

  • Pundits and media spokespeople WILL NOT publically admit white violence against Black people as racist, whether historically or today, or the fact that it has risen tremendously since the racist president took office.

  • They will never recount the numerous incidents of wanton violence against Black people by white mobs and the riots they caused over the years, which would be a much more adequate representation of the potential for such violence that Trump's rhetoric is doing to the nation today.

  • When you hear references to the "turbulent" times of the 60s and 70s don't take the bait. These were uprisings, not "riots," and they were not mobs of Black people going into and destroying white communities.

  • The context and definition of the word, "Riot," was bleached and changed to connote Black violence against themselves and others, including white businesses. In actuality, riots were formed from bands of white mobs usually Klansmen to terrorize and in many cases steal, murder, and destroy entire Black communities.

For that matter, mass terrorist shootings by white men against anyone in public spaces continue to terrorize the nation but each is handled as a separate incident and not a national security crisis.

Remember, when it comes to racism and its effects on the Black community, by its racist perpetrators, the issue has never been Black violence against white people, but always Black defense.


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