Thomas Jefferson Lied

by Tsuhai Nzinga


No longer is it “deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties.” It’s blatant, in your face “we hate you.”


The appeals to fear from the current administration are outrageously transparent and deliberate. Everyone knows this. Including those to whom 45 is appealing. I’ve been asking myself why?

Why would intelligent people be attracted to this message of fear? What are they afraid of?


What about being not white makes them so afraid?


I’ve come to the conclusion that it has to be the lie. They are afraid of confronting the lie. The lie of white supremacy.


See these people believe in Pedigree. They believe in racial purity. They believe in racial superiority.


Take the Kentucky Derby and all the horse racing. The horses are of quality stock. They can trace the horses’ lineages back for generations and the horses are pure bred.


Take dogs. Remember the movie 101 Dalmatians? That was the story of pure bred, spotted dogs. When Kruella first saw the little pups, she called them “mongrels” because they had “no spots.” Never mind that she wanted to kill the poor things to make coats out of their skins.


(There’s a market for that?)


Most dogs you find in animal shelters are not pure bred. They call them “mutts.” Pure bred means highest quality. It means untainted. It means superior.


This is how white supremists think of themselves. Pure. White. Untainted. Highest quality.




Thomas Jefferson was not the first to promote the differences between the Black and white races, but he is among the most famous.


Expressing the mingling of “pure” white blood with capital letters A, B, & C; And expressing any Negro blood and the mixing thereof as lower-case letters we can see how the thinking of supremacy operates.


“A mingles with a. They produce h, which mean “half-blood” or in modern day language, ‘half breed.’ If h then mingles with B, they will produce q, the ‘quarteroon’ or quadroon. Now then q mingles with C they produce e, the ‘eighth, who, having less than ¼ of a or of Negro blood…is no longer a mulatto’, so that a 3rd cross clears the blood.”


And TJ says outright that “it is understood in Natural history that a 4th cross of one race of animals with another gives an issue equivalent for all sensible purposes to the original blood.”


So basically, white people can mingle their blood with any other race and in three generations still be “pure” so long as the “impure” mingles blood with the “pure,” of course.


The lie doesn’t not get any heavier than that. White supremacists can acknowledge the ugly history of slavery, the rape, the murder; all of it, and in their minds, they are pure. None of the history matters because they are still white. They can trace their lineage and even if there’s “Negro” blood in that line, they have multiple generations of “cleansing” to prove their purity. This is why it took so long for the masses to accept that Jefferson had relations with Sally Hemmings, and even if he did, the offspring aren’t pure unless they can prove “generational cleansing.”


The bloodline is everything to all white supremacists. The bloodline and their skin color say they are pure.


But this purity is where the problem lies. If they have to acknowledge a bloodline that’s “tainted” with Negro blood, the belief dies in the face of modern science. Imagine being white and believing in your own purity and superiority based on that purity only to find out it’s not true. Imagine your whole life being a lie. Your whole history is a lie. That is why white supremacists hold tight to superiority. They cannot bear to face the truth of their own mediocre existence. They take pride in their superior bloodlines. They take pride in the fact that they are not Black or brown or “mullatto” or “quarteroon.” They take pride in their Pedigree. They believe in their Pedigree. It makes them “pure.” It makes them “superior.”


And they are not willing to give up on that belief. Thomas TJ, the father of Liberty, said they were and are pure. The Founding Father said so. It must be so.


And as long as white supremacists accept this lie of pedigree and supremacy, they will accept the lie of F.E.A.R.—False Evidence Appearing Real. When the politicians scream that Blacks are coming for their property, white people believe it. They buy the best security systems money can buy to protect their property. They buy guns, lots of guns, to protect what’s theirs. When Black people protest against racism, they are met with police in riot gear. White people see Blacks trying to rise up and be equal. NO, they say. Only the pure, white, superior gets equality.


But white supremacy is a lie and it must lie to itself in order to sustain itself.


Aside from the uprisings during slavery, never have Black folk collectively tried to overrun, overpower, or take over this country. Black folk have never indiscriminately slaughtered white people en masse, and yet, that is what they are told Black folk will do if equality is granted. There need not be any evidence of this at all. Equality for the Black race means to acknowledge that white supremacy is a lie. And if white supremacy is a lie, then capitalism is a lie, evolution is a lie, the I.Q. is a lie. So many lies that dismantling them all means, literally, the destruction of white as a race.


This calls to mind the movie, “Instinct,” starring Anthony Hopkins and Cuba Gooding, Jr. Hopkin’s character is Ethan Powell, a psychologist who lost his way and ended up living with gorillas for some 2 years. Gooding’s character, Theo Caulder was the psychologist who would determine Powell’s mental capacity to stand trial for murder. Near the end of the movie, Powell says to Caulder:


“We have only one thing to give up. Our dominion. We don't own the world. We're not kings yet. Not gods. Can we give that up? Too precious, all that control? Too tempting, being a god?” (emphasis mine).


And this is what we are fighting. The white supremacist belief in their superiority and their dominion.

Tsuhai Nzinga

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