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Copyright 2020 Cynthia Alease Smith, Ed.D.

What is White to a White Supremacist?

Image Description: Klanswomen and child at a rally in Ohio in 1925. The gathering marked the induction of 8,000 junior members into the Ku Klux Klan. (Bettmann Archive via Getty Images)

The article, No, Talking About Women’s Role in White Supremacy is NOT Blaming women -Women’s Role in the 1920s KKK Can Teach Us About Racism Today, by Laura Smith is an interesting piece. It calls into question what is white to them? Now, do not for one minute think that I am in anyway suggesting that other groups considered inferior by groups like the KKK have it anywhere near as difficult as Black people. That would be not only absurd and offensive, but untrue. However, based on articles such as this the whiteness of white supremacy is not only about melanin. Don't get me wrong, skin colour is the centre of their insane and heinous acts, and those of us who lack the melanin can more easily hide from their hatred than black people can - they can hate Jews and Catholics and Communists but they have to be able to see us to target that hate. We can disguise ourselves in a way that black people cannot, and therefore can escape their vile dangerous behaviour more easily.

It is, however, interesting to analyse what a white supremacist defines as white. Based on the xenophobia element of white supremacy, "white" is white conservative Christian. Plainly this definition doesn't erase the white privilege that broader society confers on us melanin deficient 'non-whites’; our pale skin acting as a very convincing armour in everyday life that Black people simply do not have. 'They' have to “discover” our Judaism, or Catholicism or Communism in order to enact their hatred; something that the KKK cop doesn’t see through a vehicle window as they do when they harass and kill a Black driver. Had Tamir Rice been a little white Catholic boy he absolutely would not have met the same fate for playing with a toy gun.

To white supremacists we are white until proven "un-white.” Black people are Black.

It always amazes me how much of an oxymoron white supremacy actually is. They'll never admit it but their delusions of superiority derive from a malignant inferiority complex. The fact that this has been allowed to form and continue at all speaks volumes of just how fragile the white supremacist ego actually is. The drive to destroy the outsider is so strong that they have subjected an entire race to oppression, enslavement, violence, imprisonment and slaughter for centuries and proves that they are subconsciously aware that their supremacy is undeserved and unwarranted. A person confident in his/her/their own inherent worth doesn't need to metaphorically napalm anyone who is different from them, because they are no threat. When one believes that all people are equal to them, another’s abilities and qualities are not something to fear and subsequently try to destroy.

There is a reason that Africans were chosen to be enslaved; they possess qualities that white people do not. Unbleached history tells us that prior to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, many African nations were successful in agriculture, technology and industry, all of which speaks to the intellect of the people. There is evidence that when sugar cane and tobacco were presented to Elizabeth I and the enslavement of Africans was addressed at court, their treatment was 'justified' because they described those captured as being heathen and criminal; straw clutching for excuses to 'justify' the brutality.

Those mental acrobatics have become, over the centuries, the default setting of these people, and manifests in this notion of white supremacy. It is passed from generation to generation by indoctrination of the infants. I posit that an infant in Klan robes is child abuse. In an inherently racist system such as that in the United States, mainstream education may not produce a "woke" white child, but a child raised in the malignant toxicity of a white supremacist Klan family and is bred to be a white supremacist. According to every single documentary I have seen on these monsters, children are largely home schooled to preserve their ideology, further evidence that white supremacy is an inferiority complex on steroids. If there were a shred of evidence that the white conservative Christian was indeed superior to the Black person, the Jew, the Catholic, the Communist, the Latinx, the Muslim, the Asian, the Native American, the Atheist, or any other non-white conservative Christian, they would not fear the influence of an education.

It’s astonishing that they have maintained the power that they have.