Sit Down “Karen” No One Cares

by Tarnya Stanton-Britton

This one is for all the white women moaning about being labelled “Karen" particularly the deranged lot that seem to think it is in anyway comparable to the N word. Its not. Here’s  why you need to stop complaining about this nothing “insult", comparing it to the most vile racial slur in use and particularly stop engaging in the sort of behaviour that invites the label “Karen".


Let’s start with a brief summation of the N word. Etymologically that word drives from the Latin “niger" meaning black, yet sociologically and historically these 6 letters encompass the evils of white supremacy and all the horrors that entails. It is the hatred spewed at the enslaved of African descent by those who deprived them of their freedom, it is the lash of the whip. After emancipation it became the venom spat at black people by white supremacists as they attempted to build their lives, it was the ignition of arsonists,  it lit burning crosses and was in the very fibre of the lynching noose. Of all the words in the English language it is the bloodiest, most violent word in our lexicon. If Black people wish to reclaim it, as many oppressed communities have done with offensive language used against them, that is their choice, however  it is NEVER acceptable from a white mouth, it is not ours to use.


“Karen”, well “Karen” has none of that history and frankly any suggestion that it has is appalling.  The other difference  between the N word and “Karen” is the control those who are called either have over these words. Black skin is beautiful, it stems from a rich culture and history, what it is not is a choice. The N word is an term of hatred used against people for something that just is, the colour of their skin. “Karen-ing" is a choice, it is an insult used for particular behaviour displayed by white entitled white supremacist women, women that weaponize the privileges unfairly bestowed upon them by societies built of the foundations of white supremacy. If you don’t want to be called “Karen” don’t  behave in that way. Its really simple. You’re not ‘standing up for yourself', no one would have a problem with respectfully standing up for yourself, you’re flexing your delusion of superiority, you’re oppressing others who have endured centuries of subjugation, and you’re endangering peoples lives, the chances are  while declaring ‘all lives matter.’  So “Karen”, if you don’t like being called “Karen" then don’t “Karen", sit down, holster your weapon, hang up the 911 call because a black person dares to exist in your airspace, and stop centring yourself as the victim – you’re  not.

Tarnya Stanton-Britton

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