The Article V Constitutional Convention and Why You Should be Concerned

October 9, 2018

Opinion columnist, Charles M. Blow wrote a piece in the New York Times on October 7, 2018. In it, he discusses the installation of Kavanaugh onto the Supreme Court and what it means. Of particular importance in that article was his reference to writer, Charles Pierce’s article for Esquire Magazine titled, “Why Do the Koch Brothers Want a ‘Convention of States.’” In it, he wrote:


“They need 34 to trigger the Constitution’s provision for a ‘convention of the states.’ Four states are on the verge of voting on the issue now: South Carolina, Kentucky, Montana, and Idaho. (South Carolina has an unfortunate history with the consequences of disunion as a political tactic, which it apparently has been encouraged to forget.) If the convention is called, the disunion that has become a faith in some conservative quarters will run amok. Economic oligarchy will be established in law, and any political check on the powers of business likely will be eviscerated.”


In my presentation I discuss the fact that once the convention is convened and the Constitution is open, all bets are off and they can do virtually anything they want to it, even scuttle it in favor of a new one. Supreme court justice Antonin Scalia also admitted that an Article V convention cannot be limited to only one topic.


Charles Pierce also references the Website of Convention of the States Project, that he states is one of the most prominent organizations in favor of the convention. He contends that the website reveals “that the Convention is a device for profound political sabotage.”


Not many people are talking about the impending Article V Constitutional Convention that will effectively open up the U.S. Constitution for revisions or rewrites and the threat that it poses to this Nation. Listen and put on your lenses so you can get the unbleached truth about what opening a Constitutional Convention can mean for the country in this polarized, divided atmosphere.



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Additional Sources:


The Website of the Convention of States Project


Common Cause Article


New York Times Article


Esquire Article






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