#45 Didn't Start This Thing, But He is Bent on Finishing It

June 6, 2017


For White people who are angry with what they think 45 has "started," (as though it hasn't been going on already for generations -- just ask an African American Black -- there is a difference here, too, but I won't digress):


Many thanks to the Internet and social media, those with opened eyes and 45's general grossness, because...



If you listen to the politicians on the left wing of the same old bald eagle, "the Democrats FORGOT the middle class, the working poor" (fill in the code for people who identify as white here).


The ones on the right wing said the Republicans "spoke" to these same people. They "saw" them. They weren't invisible. 


AND they voted for 45 because they were not invisible to him.



The real 1% of "Power Whiteness," the real control over this whole thing, both wings of that high flying scavenger bird understood that "colorblind" only served to "blind white people to their OWN color." 


45 simply ushered in yet another paradigm for the System and perhaps the best or worst of it yet, depending on which lens you are using now that your eyes are opening.


Colorblindness denied white people the "right" of the very "whiteness" that guided their entire existence.


They were blinded up until and including the moment when they realized that they could be branded by other whites with the moniker, "RACIST," for a system they all denied existed or at the very least, thought ended in the 60s (small consolation in that they could share the moniker with Blacks).


They couldn't even say "white" in relation to themselves except among themselves and even then, carefully.


White people were just "people" and everything about white became relegated to just being  "normal."


How horrible was that right?


Spend hundreds of years honing the notion of white superiority and exceptionalism only to make it invisible and simply "normal." WTF is manifest destiny worth if you can't flaunt it anymore? If you can't declare your glory as "best?"


(Remember the original Tarzan and other movies and the references to "the White Man" as hero, savior, civilized and civilizer? If not, treat yourself.)


Just think. Black people making the kind of money that put them into the house next door to you. Never mind that it is a step up for that Black family to be in your working class neighborhood, because you think it is a step down for you.


And you are pissed. What makes you better when they can have what you have? (Convinces self that they didn't earn it because Blacks get freebies and stuff).



But you aren't white anymore. It doesn't count for anything (you are right).  You are... well, just a normal human being. Damn!


They took your race away. White couldn't be white. Who does that to their own race? Right?


After all, Black  people got to keep "Black," being Black, and Blackness.  Hell,  they could even be proud of it.


They even took over and got to decide who could use Ni@@er. That was clearly a white name for use by whites on Blacks and it wasn't supposed to be a term of endearment, for Christ's sake.


In actuality, Colorblindness was supposed to blind white people to the color of Black people, as an aid in "integration," but the violence and hatred that white supremacy created and supported, coupled with the persistence of institutional racism, made that almost impossible, except at the most individual, personal level. Even at that level, it was (and is) difficult for white people to shed their belief in the lie.


So 45 said, "no more PC." Political correctness be damned. We are going to take this country back to the days when white was a good thing. Being white is okay again! The days when America was "great" in all its white glory and you could be white and proud.


Being indoctrinated since the 70s by the Colorblind paradigm only confused many regular whites who tried diligently not to be "racist," those who embraced their normal, and did not vote for Trump. "God forbid we go back to being white. We are simply normal people 'tolerating' diversity."


Of course, those poor and middle class (regular) whites who became invisible and who voted for 45 decided it was the fault of Blacks and the so called civil rights movement. They refused  to believe (and still do) that they are not really equal to the "real" whites -- the 1% of "Power Whiteness."


Imagine that for a moment:


not really equal to the "real" whites -- 1% of the "Power Whiteness."


Common Sense and critical thought will tell you that having a "class system" among white people means you are NOT EQUAL to the white people in power. You even acknowledge them with a percentage reference, i.e., "The 1%."


Yet you accept that. You will accept any oppression, inequality, or injustice to yourselves.


As long as you receive 6 cents on the dollar but Blacks receive 2 cents, you are cool.


"AS LONG AS that injustice, inequality of income, etc. DOESN'T = BLACK."


...at least you are not in the Black boat.


But you are. The sad irony is that you will continue to work against Blacks and your own best interests, and won't realize it until we are ALL at the brink of certain death.

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