Dixon D. White and the Cause for Equality

April 14, 2015


There is a gentleman with whom I have become fast Facebook friends. The subtle play on common racialized words in his name and which are about as important as the movement he has started via YouTube and Facebook, is Dixon D. White. His name is a pseudonym and is being used for his privacy and safety. You see, Dixon D. White is a white man from Dixie, a self-professed redneck who admits that the word nigger escaped from his breath with such frequency as the carbon dioxide he exhales on a regular basis.


What he has decided to do, however, is something which is considered radical, dangerous or completely insane. To me, Mr. White is a crusader and vehement anti-racism activist that I am proud to know, even if only virtually.


Mr. White quite simply, is speaking directly to white people about racism and white supremacy and is calling each and every white person out of the shadows to face what they know to be the truth about the system and culture of America. He is challenging each and every white person to stand with him to put this destructive system to an end. Contrary to some who believe his video posts are “rants” whether they believe what he is telling them or not, I assure you, to those of us who “get” him, they are not rants at all, because


Truth is not histrionic. Truth is humble, it is honest and it is pure.


There are people who applaud Mr. White, and as an anti-racism activist myself, I am among many who do. There are others, however, who believe that what Mr. White is doing is too little, too late; that what he is saying has been said through the struggles, the bloody wounds and the deaths of millions of black people over the years to no appreciable avail, save for a few who were allowed to attain a measure of material gain and quasi-middle-class status.


What makes Mr. White unique, however, is that he is not trying to profit from the business of racism, as it has become quite apparent of others. He is not speaking out on behalf of, or for black people, he is speaking out to white people about themselves and for themselves. He is telling them to stop placating, hiding, and feigning blindness. He is telling them to unlearn their lessons of racism and to acknowledge that what they were told all their lives were lies.


I am positive that the mainstream media outlets, the talk show circuits and the news commentary broadcast channels have heard of Mr. White. I am convinced that the reason why he hasn’t been approached is twofold: (1) They are hoping he will run his course like so many other so-called YouTube virulents, and/or (2) they have not figured out a way to turn him into something akin to a nut case, a buffoon, or simply someone in desperate need of his 15 minutes of fame. They can’t spin disparages or hoist him into a dumpster like all the millions of shredded racialized secrets, kept hidden for hundreds of years.


Mr. White understands that change MUST come from a white person to a white person. And while he understands that this isn’t because of any inability of black people to convey a message, he is not patronizing black people with his actions. He understands the facts of existence in a racist, white supremacy system because he lives in it and is willing and able to speak of the benefits of being white in it. He shows his face and knows that there could be severe retribution by people with his color, but he presses on.


Mr. White knows that the onus has always been and will always be on white people themselves to dismantle the system. He knows that the fault of, nor the responsibility of black people is to abolish a system they didn't even construct. He has witnessed what happens when black people try.


The irony of this system of white supremacy and racism enjoyed by white people in this world is that it WILL end eventually. The question is, will white people heed their own call to dismantle it for the good of the world, or will they end it by ultimately destroying the world and every human being in it?


Keep on pressing, Dixon. Keep on pressing.

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