April 9, 2015


Okay, let’s put this whole racism thing into perspective:


RACISM is a system that works much like a well-oiled machine. All Americans live under the system of racism here in the USA, North America. In USA South Africa, it was called Apartheid. Same type of system, different name.


One of the major fueling sources driving the machine of racism is any group who are deemed "different." These individuals are grouped together according to characteristics such as skin color, sexual orientation, and the like. However the chief subjugates in this system are black people, with black boys and men in particular.


Black people are especially powerful fuel sources for the machine, inasmuch as they have endured and survived over 400 years of repeated bigotry and hatred, and therefore are a consistent source of ignition when combined with the bigots. Black people have always been a highly useful and combustible source of energy for the machine.


People who openly enjoy the system of racism for its benefits and entitlements and harbor animus for the subjugated groups are BIGOTS.


BIGOTS are individuals, and are also used as fuel for the system. Moreover, these bigots eventually become the waste matter of the system and are gathered together, recycled and ultimately placed back into the system for its survival.


People who covertly behave in a like manner to the BIGOTS but openly profess the opposite are the DENIERS and APOLOGISTS.


People who prefer not to acknowledge the system at all are BLIND. These people are also often APOLOGISTS as well.


When referring to RACISM, one must fully understand its function as a SYSTEM and a MACHINE and not as an INDIVIDUAL and person, because doing so masks the mechanisms that work in perpetuity for the survival of the system.


Got it?




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