Checklist for Black Male Genocide in the USA

April 8, 2015

 Let's see..

1. Traffic stop, check.

2. Profile, check.

3. Feigned altercation to justify arrest, check.

4. Shooting, check. Death, check. White cop, check.

5. Black man, check. Bigotry, check.

6. Racist machine oiled and ready to go, check.


Now, the question is, will the racist system of subjugation and domination in America begin to malign this dead man, who, at his age is probably a grandfather, father, brother, uncle and friend to many? Will they create questions and doubt through the media and entertainment arm of the system, "uncovering" episodes of his "criminality" in general, as well as the immediate instance of supposed criminality which caused his death? Will they say that he was "trying to flee," "resisting arrest," "posed a direct threat to the life of the police officer?"


Will this same system allow this police officer, who had already submitted his report which, in the eyes of the police department, justified his behavior and closed the matter, to be acquitted of the murder for which he has now been accused, or will he "defend" his way out of it?


And, in much the same way as the climactic scene in "Forensic Files" brings sudden, new evidence into the public forum, will this same media attempt to blind the eyes of those who can't face the undeniable truth of a reality for black men forged from 400 years of oppression?


Remember, bigotry and a sense of entitlement by this police officer caused this man of 50+ to die, not the traffic stop or some supposed rationale that caused him to flee. Indeed, the man was running to save his own life, but the bullets were faster and the gunman was practiced.


Look carefully at this picture because it is truly worth more words than I can type in this thread. Look at what this picture represents for black men in America, and understand that this police officer actually is "doing his job;" "performing his duties" under the laws of his state in the way he and others like him and before him have been taught and trained. Wake up, and when you do, do something about that blindness. If you can't see, you may fall.




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