The Age of Awakening

March 26, 2015

This is the Age of Awakening, and because this period of time is just that,  it means the statements, "Open your eyes," and "Wake up" are no longer just euphemisms for an ignorant humanity no longer capable of seeing past their own existence and subsistence.


When you awaken, here are 7 beliefs upon which you should first focus:


1. It is naïve to believe that the events which have shaped this country over a 500 hundred year period would not have a direct, indirect and systemic impact on how you live today. To do so perpetuates the system of racism and white supremacy by causing you to deny such systemic impact and its relationship to you as an ancestor of the people involved in those events over those years, thereby diminishing such impact to a level of having no impact whatsoever.




2. It is naïve to believe that the laws which govern all Americans against discrimination would be systematically and intentionally boiled down to their most innocuous levels of enforcement and that those same laws aimed at preventing racism are, in fact, a major contributing factor to its continued power and subjugation. 


3. It is naïve to believe that "post racial" means "post racism," and that the nation no longer subscribes to its existence on a systemic, institutionalized level.


4. It is naïve to believe that "colorblind" means not seeing black, when it only means not acknowledging the system that causes such colorblindness.


5. It is naïve to believe that racism and white supremacy is not a metamorphic system with a recurrent, self-perpetuating force that gains power through the very naivety of the people who live under it.


6. It is naïve to believe that individualism alone is a shield against institutionalized and systemic racism and white supremacy.


7. It is naïve to believe that bigoted acts alone constitute racism itself and that by calling attention to the acts themselves helps to defeat racism, when the reality is that the system and institutions which are the racist core are effectively hidden by such individual bigoted acts, allowing the attention given to those acts to suffice as a remedy.


The point of these seven beliefs is to stop believing and THINK. The only way to do that is to wake up and focus on getting the truth, the truth about it all.  It is true, knowledge is the real power and you can't get it if you are asleep.



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