Taken for the Same Ride

November 18, 2014

I was reading a post by one of my favorite bloggers, Abagond (https://abagond.wordpress.com/) recently. As is always the case with this particular blogger, my interest is always peaked when I’m on the site because of the wealth of knowledge and insight contained in each post. I find myself reading post after post, largely because there are so many interwoven links to other posts which relate to any one of the posts I am reading at the time.


When I hit the post entitled, “The White Inventor,” (https://abagond.wordpress.com/2009/11/06/the-white-inventor-argument/), after of course, reading the enormously enlightening post, “How to Argue Like a White Racist,” (https://abagond.wordpress.com/2009/10/05/how-to-argue-like-a-white-racist/), I invariably began to read the comments after the posts since they spark so much controversy with people who identify themselves as white and see those posts as deliberate attacks upon them individually and in some cases, as a group, for those who think they speak for all whites.


Of course, there are plenty of scientific studies and books on the subject of this supposed superiority. In fact these kinds of studies, essays and the like are part of the ingredients necessary to make the glue that bind their ignorance of those who identify themselves as white to the white supremacist mantle.


What was extremely interesting to me was that there are white people who are thoroughly convinced of their intrinsic superiority, as well as the justification for the venomous condemnation of the posts as written and black people in general. In the “White Inventor” post for example, a commenter using the handle, “White Man” had very much to say, albeit through cutting and pasting and plagiarism, that anything to the contrary notwithstanding:


“Murray’s book reveals in startling clarity how high the achievements of whites tower over those of the other races of man. Certainly, other races played a role, but enlightened, modern, scientifically and technologically advanced societies are almost entirely the creation of whites. Anyone who can read Murray’s book without concluding that whites are a race with special gifts that set them apart from the rest of mankind simply isn’t being reasonable.”


What is also noteworthy is the absolute obliviousness of the doles that their so-called superiority actually affords them. This is especially true when confronted by black people railing against the systems of racism in this country.  


But herein lies the sad but true fact of this nation, and by proxy, the paradoxical arrangement between the Elites and everybody else. The Elites, that 1% of white supremacists who control the systems, infrastructure and institutions are the same ones who designed the very cast system that has structured ordinary white people into different classes in order to separate even themselves from each other, since color alone wouldn’t distinguish them. Thus, the majority of whites do not even realize that they are being duped and deluded into believing the inane concept of white superiority as well as the rhetoric which props up the system and their egos.

They are unwitting pawns being led by  a tether to the brain, anesthetized by the reinvention of history and the real purpose of the propaganda: control and maintenance of the masses of them to whom the Elite among them refer to as their “blue collar,” “trailer trash,” “white trash,” “all American,” “the middle class,” “the working poor,” etc. Consequently, the white masses who have embraced these supremacist notions have been and still remain lulled into a state of denial of their real history and allow the true facts to remain hidden from public discourse.


It is akin to mocking these very people who identify themselves as white and who embrace white supremacy, but do not actually control the systems, including monetary, or the infrastructure and institutions, and DO NOT truly have value in any sense to the Elite, but are conned into believing that they DO, as long as they subscribe to the notion that they are superior.  They can be poor, homeless, victims of cruelty by themselves, unemployed, criminal or any other social degradation they abhor, but attribute to people of color. In spite of all of their individual hapless circumstances, they cling to their sense of being somehow more than, better than, even when it doesn’t actually apply in practicable terms to them.


“When all else fails, hey, at least I’m white.”


If any group of people need to wake up, it’s the masses of so-called white supremacist racists and any other white person who believes in a colorblind society because they are being taken for the same ride as people of color.


Source: Abagond (https://abagond.wordpress.com/2009/11/06/the-white-inventor-argument/)

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