21st Century Disfranchisement - A Personal Observation

October 31, 2014


In this, the 21st century and the second decade of it, the racist, white supremacists who control politics in this country have been disfranchising

blacks as a group the same way that it was done when so-called

Reconstruction ended and Jim Crow began, as a way to handle the burgeoning, so-called Negro problem. This time, they are using the ridiculous notion of voter fraud.  The last time, poll taxes and literacy tests were used among others in their arsenal, but these individuals in power understand that

those particular tactics won't suffice anymore, having been exposed for what they were during the civil rights movement of the 1960s.


The Voter fraud excuse as a non-verifiable rationalization, works with people who embrace racism and white supremacy because the

suggestion is that black people are criminals and fraud is a crime, therefore, blacks who are allowed to vote will most likely do so fraudulently. However ludicrous this may sound, it uses a sound mathematical theorem called "The Transitive Theory of Equality," which states that if a=b and b=c, then a=c.  It is clear that this theorem was and is applied to much adverse treatment of black people. It certainly was applied in this instance as a way to invalidate how America got its first black president, and thus, for the benefit of those people who identify as white and who embrace racism, the ascension to the office of President by Barack Obama is also fraudulent.


Disfranchisement was not Jim Crow itself, but it was a part of the Jim Crow laws. Today, however, it is being used again in various, venomous forms, subjectively in plain sight in the usual suspect states and more subtly in states where it may not be considered politically correct to openly “call a spade a spade” in mixed company.


It is no secret that white people who embrace the white supremacy doctrine but do not control its infrastructure, systems and institutions, those who are among the lower rungs of their class, will think that these various laws to combat "voter fraud" are well founded. These are the white poor, or poor white trash, or the fringe element, so named by the

Elites among them. The more cultured, polished, educated and wealthy of either race can and will continue to agree or disagree on the matter as an intellectual, academic and/or scientific exercise. Finally, the Elites, that 1% of the white population with control of the country's infrastructure, systems and institutions, extol the virtues of the law and the enforcement for the sake of the country, rallying all who can be rallied, even in the face of clear evidence that the notion of fraud is virtually nonexistent.


In order to understand what is happening today, you must understand that disfranchisement is a well-worn tool of the system of Racism and White Supremacy.


I invite you to read "The Strange Career of Jim Crow," by C. Vann Woodward. In order to understand disfranchisement it is important to learn and understand the true history of Jim Crow. Jim Crow is not just one of the buzz words for the Civil Rights movement of blacks in America. Moreover, it was not always just a southern phenomenon.

Contrary to popular belief, there is sound evidence that segregation in the South dated only to the 1890s, while the end of Reconstruction heralded separation from blacks as early as 1877 when concerted efforts by racist, white supremacists in Northern as well as Southern states used politics and deceptive science such as eugenics to dehumanize the newly free black man. Jim Crow and the segregation which followed was designed by politicians, scientists,

sociologists, and anthropologists to destroy the credibility, lives and even souls of black people as human beings as well as to indoctrinate and foster the concept of white supremacy among the so-called lesser classes of whites in order to rationalize those laws and to litigitmize and defend the

mistreatment and murder of entire generations of black families.


It succeeded. Why do I know that it succeeded? We are seeing the psychological, emotional and physical trauma caused by it through the eyes of those still feeling the tragic effects of its ferment even today. We are seeing it through the descendants of white people who believe that white supremacy and racism doesn’t exist, and through the  descendants of those white people who embrace racism and white supremacy under different and more subjective mantles such as Tea Party, Conservatives, Red States, and the Right Wing.


I challenge people who identify themselves as white and who understand the system under which we are all subject, in addition to those who identify themselves as white but believe the system of racism does not exist, to read the book I referenced above. It is important in all cases to know and understand your collective history, even if it will make you sick to know the truth.


Perhaps it will move you to make a real change.







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