Face It. It is All About Race and Always Has Been

October 30, 2014

I faced it. If you haven't faced it yet, you just ought to.


While scrolling yesterday on Facebook I found a post with that infamous picture of George Bush on the plane looking down at Louisana and the headline, "Republicans in Louisana Blame Obama for Katrina."


I was immediately incensed. My thoughts began to rage over the sheer idiocy of the statement since clearly Obama wasn't even a candidate when this event occurred. Then I started thinking more critically about the headline and what it actually meant in the codified terminology of Racism and White Supremacy.  


There is only one reason why Obama is blamed for everything from Global Warming to Katrina,  and from the Economy to Ebola.  He is blamed because he has color in his skin, because he's considered black. In keeping with the White Supremacist doctrine of "the one drop rule," his Kenyan father provided enough of the melanin necessary to keep him out of the exclusive, weathly 1% White's Only club.


The reason why Republicans don't like him is because he's considered black. Republicans will say their reasons are only because of  his "policies," which up to and including right now have been the same policies of the other presidents before him.  Conservatives who have actually broken ranks with Republicans into Right Wing Conservatives and the Tea Party will say that Obama's a Nazi, a Socialist, or some other ludicrous label; their rationale only being the same racist codification to keep the poor whites' embers stoked.


The reason why poor whites hate Obama is because they think they have

lost or will surely their right of perceived superiority because he and his black family are living in the "White House." They dare not admit that they are but collateral damage, doomed to be as poor as, as mistreated as, and let us not forget, as inferior as a class of people, as, God forbid, the "niggers." They dare not believe that their inate whiteness has no real privilege in a White Supremacist System which says that only the white people at the very top are

supreme. That's the really interesting part of what I faced, and that people who identify themselves as white, but do not have a stake in the so-called American Dream are deluded into believing that they do as long as they believe that they are superior. They believe in White Supremacy, even when it doesn't actually apply in practicable terms to them.


I came to the conclusion that the people who identify themselves as white and WHO ACTUALLY CONTROL the White Supremacist Racist Systems and Institutional structures actually DO like Obama because he's black.


After all, they put him into office. And if you think that he wasn't "chosen," then you need to WAKE UP.


They put him into office so that the people who identify themselves as white and who can no longer openly detest, defile, mistreat and murder with impunity (although this is happening with more frequency than ever), can blame Obama for everything and justify their inane belief of black inferiority. He was put into office so that black people can be lulled into a state of even more confusion and utter delusion that as a group, they can ascend  to even the lofty heights of the presidency and therefore, despite the continued lack of opportunity in all areas of this society, black people have no one to blame but themselves because of their present state.

You see, It's always been a blame game.

The focus is always turned away from the root of the problem when there is enough blame to go around.

The problem is that the same system that allows its political leaders to enrage their followers through blaming the black President of the United States is the same system that put the President into office. He would not be in the White House if the White Supremacist system didn't want him there. So people who identify themselves as white and who believe in the system of White Supremacy have only themselves to blame.


My question for people who identify themselves as white but do not believe in White Supremacy or the system of Racism that we live under is: When will YOU stand up for justice?



It is up to you.

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