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Writing While Black: Exploring Perceptions of African American Writing in the 21st Century


The purpose of this dissertation was to explore perceptions and attitudes that may shape acceptance of African American writing among readers and writers in all areas of writing, including entertainment, academia and business. The study did not intend to solve any problems with regard to perceptions nor prove that problems existed because of perceptions, but to raise awareness of how important perceptions are to acceptance and efficacy of African American writing and to ignite more scholarly research into the subject of race and African American writing in the 21st century and beyond. The study used a mixed method of qualitative and quantitative analyses of measurable responses and authentic, reflective responses from survey participants and interviewees. Findings indicated that more scholarly research into the efficacy, relevance and the impact of racial stereotypes, biases and discrimination in Academia, entertainment and business in America facing African Americans is necessary.

Writing While Black

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