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White Supremacy and the Post-Racial Color Blind Era: Exploring Visible and Invisible Whiteness in the United States -- An Unbleached Unbook Look

My goal in writing this Unbook is to reveal how events during the the period referenced gave rise to the Post Racial Color Blind era; that time when Whiteness literally disappeared, and the individual, skin-based privilege of “normal” people began. It will hopefully spark enough interest into this time in history and bring crystal clarity to the confusion among both Black and white people over exactly what color blindness actually meant to a nation so fixated on the color of skin, meritocracy and the superiority inherent in exceptionalism. I will explore how white and Black people pretended to ignore Race as Color and popularized Race as Character; both of which did a great deal of damage. Further, I hope to illustrate how Race as Character was used as a way to camouflage racial bigotry, and how white people used Race as Character to switch the paradigm of systemic Racism in order to assign their own racial bigotry to Black people. This is intended to be a deeply thought-provoking look at the probable result of generations being born and raised within an era when Whiteness was substituted for normal, neutral, natural, and mainstream, as Blackness became engulfed in a virtually invisible war, where the positive character of Black people built during the civil rights movements became the collateral damage of the 21st century..

White Supremacy and the Post-Racial Color Blind Era

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