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Selective Collectivism – An Open Letter to White Supremacist Racists

It is certain that in 2023, there will be enough Black and white people who can agree that the entire concept of white supremacy was at the very least, a poor practical joke played on poor and indentured people of generations past sharing skin pigment with the wealthy gentry class to ensure they would never band together and uprise with enslaved Black people as they had done during the Bacon Rebellion. When viewed through the lens of critical thought, it is clear that the free labor produced by the enslaved meant there were no jobs available for able-bodied, poor white people. By assigning the color white to their bodies, openly encouraging animosity, creating laws to protect them from prosecution for persecuting and brutalizing enslaved people with whom they assigned the color black, and providing these newly white people with jobs to police the enslaved, the wealthy white gentry created an entire culture of revisionist antebellum history and what could rightly be considered a 400-year gestational malignant narcissism among white people that has managed to continue to this present day no thanks to the roots of systemic Racism, by names such as the Black Codes and later Jim Crow since 1865 when The Enslavement ended.

The question of why so many white people still adhere to this obvious caricature of themselves in the face of a myriad of evidence to the contrary is due to two things: Systemic Racism, which perpetuates the notion of superiority by consistent denial and discrimination of rights and privileges to those who they have defined as minority and underserved, and how they digest their history of merit and achievement. However, both of these things smack them hard in the face, yet they fail to feel the sting or notice the bruise, since the former places a foot on the scale of equality, equity, opportunity, and justice to ensure there is nothing fair about the life experiences of the two Races, thereby creating that which they have defined as minority and underserved.

This makes one wonder what those at the top, the descendants of the wealthy gentry class of old, really thought of those they declared were the same as themselves by virtue of nothing but skin color. Frankly, people who could believe that the simple assignment of a color to the pigment of their skin made them superior based on the definitions applied to those colors by religion and art must have been so easily suggestible that the wealthy gentry knew they would have to design a mechanism to sustain that belief because these poor and indigent people with shared skin color would have debunked the notion of their superiority all by themselves.

The latter, or how they digest their history of merit and achievement is fascinating. When asked about the history of The Enslavement and their collective responsibility and accountability for that history, they will immediately put on the cloak of individuality and declare they had absolutely nothing to do with it. However, when arguing over the mediocrity of the average white person in America and elsewhere and the existence of the former, or Racism, they will immediately point to the merit and achievement of white people who discovered this, created that, conquered land, sea, and space, when the vast majority of average white people have not gone to the moon, discovered cures for illnesses or created the stop light. It would seem the collectivity of whiteness only works when touting achievements, not atrocities.

What must be understood is that average white people are not the same as those who control them. This bears repeating:

Average white people are not the same as those who control them.

This is important for not only white people to understand but for Black people to understand as well. It is important for Black people in particular to understand that the power dynamic shifts drastically when unbleached history reveals that the entire ideology of white supremacism was contrived by wealthy landowners to control their poor white populations, and it is the only reason average white people perceive themselves as collectively powerful today.

Whiteness is only achievable because those in power practice selective collectivism the same way today as they did generations ago, and average white people rely on this collective. Therefore, in order to help dismantle the notion of white superiority, selective collectivism among white people must be debunked. For this reason, an open letter to these average white people is necessary and appropriate.

Listen you Racist, white supremacist, Trumpettes and MAGAnites. This is for all of you selective collectivists who only use individuality to account for the reality of your own struggle with those who control you and collectivity for achievements you never earned on your own.


Apparently, the almost carnal seduction of shared skin color is all they need to lure your narrow minds into blindly allowing them to caste you into sections of value; classes based on the amounts of money they decide to pay you, based on the value they have placed on your body working for them.

As long as they know you are tied to that trivial comradery, they will continue to use that against you to keep themselves in power.

We don't want your suburbs, but it is apparent now that you want the cities you left us inside of back in the 70s, you are coming back in droves to gentrify us completely out of them.

We don't want your jobs. We want our own jobs. We want our own ability to create our own jobs. We don't want your communities; we want our own communities. You say we are separatists when we declare we want our own, and yet you scoff at our inability to do so, calling us lazy, even as those who control us all ensure we won’t try.

Furthermore, if America is supposed to be a Meritocracy, with achievement based on one's ability, then why do you lose your minds over the prospect of REAL, honest, equal, and equitable competition with Black people in all areas of human activity?

I'll tell you.

It is because you have been living so long within the system of Racism, which guaranteed you would have no genuine competition with Black descendants of The Enslavement, so you never bothered to go beyond the mediocrity of competition among yourselves. You don't even know the meaning of veridical struggle. Now, faced with generations of Black achievement in spite of enormous barriers of the system of Racism, coupled with the thought of not being considered "superior" to us anymore, there is literally no wonder why your leaders are spewing fire and brimstone. Your leaders know all you gullible people have left is the fear of retribution from us, another myth they have hung over your heads for generations to keep you afraid of us.

But you have NOTHING. YOU HAVE NOTHING WE WANT. We don't envy you. We mostly pity you. We don't preoccupy ourselves with you. You are the ones so generationally preoccupied with us that by now, you are literally losing your minds. Once and for all, YOU HAVE BEEN DUPED BY YOUR OWN LEADERS. YOU ARE STILL BEING conditioned and deluded. Just like they duped your ancestors into fighting a war to protect their wealth derived from enslaving humans during the Civil War, they are at it again. That’s why they do not want you “woke,” and why it is so easy at this point to make you think being awake and aware is wrong. The day you see them as something other than a shared skin color collective of feigned superiority is the day the structures fall down.

At this time, however, you are nothing more than the willing sycophantic participants in the end of your own democracy because they want you afraid of the "Black Boogie Man,” but it is time to face the facts. You had better stop thinking your shared collectivism of whiteness will protect you because as quietly as they have kept it, the real Boogie Man is actually white and one day they will no longer need to placate you with the benefit of shared color.


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