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Copyright 2020 Cynthia Alease Smith, Ed.D.

Haiku x 5

There are many days

That are celebrated in

The spring; in April


Many religious

Many are fun and frolic -

Two are for spirit


What happened since the

start of this year affecting

so much change and shift?


A simple cell which

doubled and expanded with

a global impact


Will we learn from this

to move to present/presence

or know deja vu?

Haiku x 5

Winter into Spring

From gloom into glow

What is ahead now?


Many raise voices

On what is right and not so

Which path is just true?


Common sense thinkers

Are now in a quandary -

Justice or just us?


It is neither nor

Both are necessary to

Confront, transcend evil.


Women are knowing

Pay attention to their voice

Then ALL benefit.

Haiku x 7

A man had this thought

"We are a special people,

Our stories need voice."


Negro History

Then Black History came

in February.


First a week, then a

whole month; why not all year

in books and in schools?



Could it be that we

were not worthy? "In whose eyes?"

Ancestors cry out!


Our ancestors cry

"We did our best for YOU, our

Legacy and truth"


Empowerment is

A slow climb up steep hills, but

Oh, what courage built!


A glimpse of light at

the end of the obstacle

Validates cause made.

Haiku x 5

As the year changes,

Will you grow from old habits

Into new strength?


As one gets older

The words of ancestors ring:

"Time is a-wasting!"

Courage! Ancestors

say, but how to listen?

With heart and mind and soul.


The state of U.S.

Is not for the fainthearted

It requires truth.


What I wear on me

Words that I speak "properly,"

Are not my summary.