Black Death


“This is why you don’t do drugs, kids.”


These are the words of one of the officers, while a Black man’s life slipped away, as he was being choked by the knee of one of those officers. A man’s life was slipping away and the officer killing him in broad daylight blamed the death in progress on drugs.

Why I Shun “Power Over” Approaches and Promote “Power With” Others




Black women have long been considered “mules of the world,” as described in a novel by Zora Neale Hurston, in summing up the plight and stereotype of the “strong black woman.” In Their Eyes Were Watching God, Hurston’s imagery of the mule emerges in different contexts, remaining consistent in figurative meaning as a symbol of victimization and bondage for black women, akin to being considered the lowest creature, to be used by others. No doubt, black women past and present have been put upon to take care of and manage responsibilities for diverse others throughout American history.

Haiku x 7

"True colors shining.."

Who knew in one month's time that

Our world would change fast?

George Floyd

Originally, this essay was going to be about how our language reinforces the delusion of white superiority in white Eurocentric cultures, and while that is an issue to address, recent events overshadow the subject. Let us talk about George Floyd, racism, police brutality and how the media are so adept at victim blaming. When the American police make a habit out of killing Black Americans and evading justice, it is a genocide.

More than White Supremacy


Talk about White supremacy has increased since the election of Barack Obama, not because his election was the first instance of racism, but because this was the first time a Black president had been “approved” by non-Black voters. Although many believed—wrongly—that a Black president could cure the ills of the United States and steer the country into a post-racial equilibrium, the non-White electorate warily observed the jubilation.


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