Tsuhai Nzinga

There’s a commercial that begins with a teen girl asking “Oh you think this is just a community center?” The commercial ends with the same teen saying “We can show the world what we can do.” The commercial is about providing internet access to “low income” communities through community centers. The “show the world what we can do” statement is a declaration that poverty and low income does not indicate lack of intelligence. And it strikes me wrong that in 2021, Blacks, People of Color, inner city youth who live at or below the poverty line have to prove their intelligence.

The Fallacy of “We Can’t Say Anything“

One of the most frequently uttered nonsense phrases I hear as a committed white anti-racist when discussing racism with run of the mill white people is “we can’t say anything.” They live under the delusion that language is a minefield.  It’s not, its lazy wilful ignorance. My surrogate sister has a traumatic brain injury sustained shortly after her time she spent during her formative years in the depths of 1970s Texas backwaters; a time...





Haiku x 1


Why confusion with

the current power structure?

Each one reach/teach one.