I watched the documentary “Cracked Up” and watched a webinar based on the same. Danny Hammond, the longest tenured comedian on Saturday Night Live, tells his story of how the abuse he suffered as a child hid in his mind until one day the memories erupted like a flood. This eruption of the memory of the trauma was sudden and sickening. The memories revealed the why of his drug and alcohol addiction and of his cutting himself.

Haiku x 5


Not far from my home

A man breathed his last - murdered

Held down cuffed and knee'd



My Social Commentary


He sees his dreams disappear into an overwhelming violent

Drug polluted environment

Oh he wanted to be more

But the streets affected his core

And he slipped into oblivion

Yeah, but he had it goin’ on

But that was once upon a time long ago

When he didn’t know

That if you lie with dogs

You become…

I Will Be Black and I Will Tell

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