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Copyright 2020 Cynthia Alease Smith, Ed.D.

Only in America


In Birmingham they loved the Gov’nor.
Now we all did what people (we could) do.
Now Watergate does not bother me
Does your conscious bother you?
Tell the truth. 

Lynyrd Skynyrd first sang these lyrics in 1974 ...



We Cannot Afford Apathy that Makes us Silent Partners in Systems of Oppression


We have reasons to be grateful the internet exists with diverse sources for news and perspectives. Otherwise, more people from different backgrounds would likely become homicidal or suicidal due to being violated, exploited and manipulated by abusers. 

Haiku x 5


There are many days
That are celebrated in
The spring; in April

Black is Not a Taboo: Language and Political Correctness

One thing I hear regularly living in a British seaside town with an elderly care home on every major road, populated by fans of Nigel Farage, bemoaning ‘foreigners’ and wanting to reclaim our ‘great' country, are complaints about not being able to use certain words. Some of those words are rightfully “not allowed” in this dichotomous era of ‘wokeness' and raging emboldened racism.