Criteria for Master Workshop Program

  • There is no manuscript, or the work is typically not understood within any context

  • There are extreme tense issues that affect context in terms of space/time of characters, story

  • There are numerous punctuation/spelling/grammar issues throughout o There are structural issues, i.e., sentence, paragraph, narrative, dialog o Other issues that will probably require a complete rewrite of the manuscript

Both program processes generally consist of the following:

  • intense close reading one-on-one with the writer, usually once a week for 3 hours each week, utilizing video conferencing tools to view manuscript together

  • critique of plot, context in story, chapters, characters, sentence and paragraph structure, narration and any other aspect of the manuscript that may need to be understood by prospective readers

  • real-time editing on the spot, as the writer sees it happening with explanations along the way, to help the writer to understand the necessary components for good writing.

  • Coaching and reinforcement throughout the process – no coddling, sincere and thoughtful guidance through to completion of a successful manuscript.

You may be considered for the Close Editing Coaching or Master Workshop program if:

You are working with your first manuscript

You believe it lacks focus and contains context, space/time and other issues

You are unsure of your ability 

You understand the basics of grammar/punctuation/spelling

You have written a manuscript but you are not satisfied with it as is


In order to be considered for Close Editing Coaching or Master Workshop programs, please do the following:


  1. Email the first 3 chapters ONLY to for consideration

  2. Allow 2 to 3 weeks for review

  3. You will be notified via email of your acceptance and the next steps. After I have reviewed your manuscript, I may request to speak with you in person to discuss the options, if any. or an explanation why you were not accepted. In all cases, I will always be honest with you, sometimes painfully, but fair.

Contact me for more information.



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