Close Editing Coaching and Master Workshop


To write a novel, you not only must have an idea about your subject, but you must also understand context, sentence structure, time and space, and the time/space relativity to both your story and your characters, character development, plot development, narration techniques and above all, the ability to bring “truth” to your fiction. Of course, there are many other, subtle aspects to writing creatively, and many believe they “have it down.”  

These are boot-camp style intensive and custom programs and are not offered to everyone. They are not to be considered anything but an intensive literary work out – nail biting at times, exhausting most times, and ultimately fulfilling. These sessions are not intended for the easily bruised ego, since some discover too soon they know absolutely nothing about writing during the process and become discouraged before they have had an opportunity to grow. 

If selected for the Close Editing Coaching, the complete writing process may take 7 to 15 weeks to complete, depending on the level of work involved in producing/editing a manuscript. The Master Workshop can take between 26 and 52 weeks to complete.

This is because there are times when a complete rewrite of the manuscript is necessary. If you are not accepted for the Close it will be because your manuscript meets the criteria for Master Workshop and I would not delude you into thinking that your manuscript is acceptable as is. 


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