Kneel To Heal
Not To Kill

Charles N. Carter

by Charles N. Carter

We take a knee
In the Church
Praying to be free
As we search 
For peace and love on this earth 
I learned as a child 
As I went to bed
To bend a knee
Bow my head
God bless my family
Is what I said
So kneel if you're nimble
It's just a symbol
Don't be afraid,or tremble
You have a right
To take a knee 
And protest...peacefully 
To give up as in
Is also an act
Of knees bending
Take this ring
Be my wife
Seems the husband
Is kneeling
For the rest of his life
But a knee for some
Is used as a weapon
We watched in disbelief 
Peered in grief
As one swore to protect
Brutally kneeled on a neck
8:46 not a second further
We all witnessed a policeman's murder
Colin tried to tell us
But the nation raised a fuss
His message beautiful people, if you will...
Kneel to Heal
Not to Kill!

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