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Hyped Up...Locked Up

Charles N. Carter

by Charles N. Carter

"Let's go to the Capitol"
A riot would me magical
We've got a friend in Pence
Let's go riot, yeah that makes sense!
Trump is our man
Damaging, rampaging
Is a good plan
We're not BLM
We're  MAGA
You know we can spin
This perditious saga
Race Code Enforcers
Are on our side
They're perfect endorsers
They'll do it with pride
Let's march on Nancy and Chuck
Destroy Senate offices
Who gives a Phuck
"45" and son knows we're right
Ghouliani says " go fight"
Whites are Supreme
Let's make them scream
Our race is great
Now let's go hate
Hawley and Cruz
Are our friends too
How do we refuse
If they tell us what to do
Mitch was 45' s Bitch
But now he wants to ditch
Senator Graham
Was part of the scam
Now he has a new plan
Former AG Barr
Was a Superstar
Now he split
How bizarre
45 says go to the Capitol
The rewards will be magical
But people were killed
Blood was spilled
45 has abandoned us
Says he wants " Justice "
He started this Insurrection
Now he wants correction
Trump Hyped us Up
Now he wants us Locked Up!

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