Basic Proofreading


I will only perform basic proofreading if there are no obvious issues with structure, i.e., the work is readable and understandable.  I can usually tell by reading the first 2 chapters. Think about it this way:

“It does not make sense to try to make sense of something that doesn’t make sense.”  “Make sense?”


For example, if the dialog in the story is not enclosed in quotes but written as part of the narration, especially where there is no clear indication of who is speaking or whether there are two or more parties to a conversation, and it is clear that dialog is meant to be in the structure of the paragraph/page, then there is a problem with the structure in addition to punctuation, spelling and/or grammar, and I will not accept it for basic proofing. I do this because it is my intention to provide you with the best proofing I can offer. I will not, in good faith move commas, periods, make simple grammar changes and spelling corrections in a manuscript that isn’t written well because the writer doesn’t know where the dialog begins and ends or the narration begins and ends. Therefore, I will only accept manuscripts for basic proofreading if:

You are a seasoned author/writer in need of a simple grammar, spelling and punctuation check.

Basic proofreading consists of punctuation placement, spelling and basic grammar placement or replacement. No changes will be made to context, or structural changes such as tense, dialog, narration, etc.

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