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The Doctor is in.



Dr. Cynthia Alease Smith is an antiracism essayist and educator, a writer, novelist and editor, specializing in literary contemporary fiction, nonfiction stories inspired by real events, and occasional ghostwriting. Dr. Smith’s writing includes a novel, “The Gatekeeper,” published in 2009, “With Eyes from Both Sides,” a true life story of Philadelphia’s most prolific gangster queen, Thelma Wright, published in 2011, and another novel, “The Fosters,” published in 2013.


She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology, summa cum laude, with honors from Kaplan University, Davenport, Iowa, and is a member of the Epsilon Delta Pi National Honor Society for Computer Sciences, National Scholars Honor Society, and the Alpha Beta Kappa National Honor Society.  She also holds a Master of Arts in Writing Studies, summa cum laude, from St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is a member of the Alpha Epsilon Lambda National Honor Society for Graduate Students. She received her Doctorate in Educational Leadership, summa cum laude, from Gwynedd Mercy University, Gwynedd Valley, Pennsylvania. Since her retirement, Dr. Smith enjoys educating others by writing thought provoking essays for her website and creating presentations and video essays on her YouTube Channel called, “Dr. Cynthia Alease Smith, ‘The Doctor is in’.” She also enjoys engaging others through social media, through her group, "The Family Practice," and her formal Facebook page, in discussions where she evaluates racialized words, memes and pictures and their subliminal racialized impact, as well as delving into issues concerning race, racism, white supremacy from perspectives not generally considered in daily experiences in the United States. 


Dr. Smith is married with three adult children and five grandchildren.



Tia Manon, who  writes under the pen name, Tsuhai Nzinga, is a Freelance Criminologist, Online blogger As a freelance Criminologist, and writer, Tia McManon graduated from Immaculata University and specializes in researching and writing about subjects related to the field of criminology from perspectives ranging from historical to current events. In addition, she currently hosts a blog under her pen name, Tsuhai Nzinga, titled In Rogue. In 2018, she published her debut book titled “Tsuhai Nzinga f.k.a. (formerly known as) Tia: The Memoir of a Black Girl.” Personal life events inspire much of her writing, which also features poetry. She is currently working on her first historical fiction novel


Charles N. Carter grew up in South Philadelphia with his five sisters and two brothers. He was educated in the Philadelphia School System, and discovered his creative writing ability one day in his best friend’s basement. He started writing poems because he had so much to say and he felt he couldn't articulate the words, but once he discovered he could write them down, he found his voice and his talent, and it got him noticed.


Charles has a wife and four adult children. He says, “I never lost my passion for writing and at age 66 I'm still inspired and writing songs and poetry to leave a legacy that will inspire others.”

Past Contributors

Stephanie Webb is a native Austinite who writes about spatial racism with an emphasis on timelines. She completed her undergraduate work in African American Studies, and her graduate work was completed on geographic information systems. For more information on her collaborations, please visit deciphercity.org.

Owner/principal of NelsonWorks, LLC

Social Entrepreneur, Activist, Psychotherapist and Writer/Editor

LaFlore Communications


Fannie LeFlore, MS, PC, SAC, EAP, is Developer and Lead Facilitator of Healing From Racism Programs. She has expertise and extensive experience in the following professional arenas: Writer/Editor, Psychotherapist/Entrepreneur and Social Justice Activist Leader.


As of 2017, LeFlore shifted the primary focus of her work to a Collaborative Model that involves Independent Consulting and Special Projects. The Facebook page for Healing From Racism Programs is: http://www.facebook.com/solutionsHFR. 

Artist and Ceramist

A Ceramist, Artist and perpetual scholar, Tarnya Stanton-Britton calls herself one of those strange people who studies for the sake of studying.   She is British, Jewish and disabled, and lives with her dogs in Southport, a coastal town 20 miles north of Liverpool – a major port in the Slave Trade.

Tarnya Stanton-Britton became interested in the history of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade after a group tour of Liverpool’s International Slavery Museum.  Knowing her own heritage, she quickly noticed parallels between the Nazi Holocaust and the Slave Trade, only the suffering and abuse of Africans and their descendents continued for so much longer. She began studying the period in earnest, which lead her interest down connected paths; African history, Traditional African Religion – the Yoruba in particular, Racism, Jim Crow, The Civil Rights Movement, The Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter and Racially motivated police brutality. The International Slavery Museum became a constant source, their rolling exhibits and educational events including artefact handling, lectures and seminars on all of these subjects became a regular part of her life. 

Patricia (Pat) Nelson has been using her voice to ensure that all voices are heard. Through working with various groups and organizations such as the Racial Equity Initiative of PFund (LGBTQ), KFAI - Fresh Air Radio, Rainbow Health Initiative, Community Health Project (NY), Training for Change (PA); and having served on the Minneapolis Civil Rights Commission and the League of Minnesota Human Rights Commissions, she continues to reach wider audiences. 


Pat  is the owner/principal of NelsonWorks, LLC, a business that provides computer support for homes and small offices. She has also served as a health care and an academic administrator. She has expertise in consensus and team building, including facilitation with diverse populations. She is currently serving on the Boards of Hennepin Healthcare Patient Partner Circle, and UCare, a non-profit health care insurer. Pat is also a licensed Amateur Radio person (aka a “ham”, call letters KE0QXD), serving as an Area Director of OMIK (primarily for African American hams),  and is a member of RARA (Queer Amateur Radio hams).


After years of struggling to write creatively, Pat discovered the Haiku format.  Through the work of mentors Bill Cottman and Clark Strand, she continues to utilize Haiku as an ideal outlet for creativity and self-expression. 


Each month, a new book is chosen and recommended for a #deepdive

The Fire Next Time

by James Baldwin


October 10

The Role of Religion in Promoting Racism


October 24

Systemic Issues and Psychosocial Influences -\


October 31

Effective Activism & Social Justice Solutions 


September 2020 Webinars



Fannie LeFlore, MS, PC, SAC, EAP



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